Kage Rage, Part 4

Previously on James315.Space… Salt farmer kage1982 was systematically humiliating the mighty CODE. alliance. Indeed, CODE. agents were horrified to find that kage led a multialt alliance of Maoist rebels, who began conducting a successful #MLM protest in the MinerBumping channel.

kage1982 > Greeting CODE sinners, worshipers of James “20 chins” 315
Krig Povelli > Oh, are you still crying, miner?
kage1982 > Krig Povelli miner you sound mad
Artemis Borovetski > We taking control now
Artemis Borovetski > miners rise up
Adonis Onzo > MINERS RISE UP!
Artemis Borovetski > Everyone out here is an asshole.
God Emperor Kane > i know im one…
kage1982 > God Emperor Kane miner you seem mad, are you mad?
kage1982 > God Emperor Kane your salty tears are drowning the chat miner

Growler Dude did some research, and discovered a dark secret…

Growler Dude > https://zkillboard.com/kill/55114200/ butthurt since 2016. When CODE strikes, the scars are forever
kage1982 > Growler Dude wow miner your stalking skills are very good, takes some level of obsession to do that

After losing his Hulk to The Conference Elite in 2016, kage fled to Nullsec, where he lived like a barbarian and gradually succumbed to the Great Logging Off. However, when the Pandemic of 2020 forced kage into quarantine, he decided to once again return to New Eden and spread his virulence. Even worse, he somehow got it into his foolish RNA that he should replicate in Highsec.

In Uemisaisen (adjacent to Isanamo), kage thus decided to establish his farm, harvesting trigrats and selling them in the markets of Jita. Unfortunately, he failed to obtain a mining permit, and was arrested by Ernst Steinitz . These facts certainly outline the chronology of events, but yet the investigation has thus far unable to determine what kage Ernst was so upset about.

Unlike Ernst, kage1982 simply wasn’t upset at all.

Sensing weakness, and bolstered by an army of Chinese bots, kage1982 was prepared to lay siege to the CODE. naval yards in Isanamo…

To be continued…

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