Good Morning Kiddo, Part 2

Previously in James 315 Space…  In Star Trek, there is an alternate opposite universe, where everyone good is evil, and everyone evil is good. In this bizarro dimension, James 315 is a space Maoist, who yearns to be the Servitor of Highsec. Instead of successfully ganking illegal miners, Absolute Order agents prefer to failgank innocent Catalysts.

Yes Mr Cheng was minding his business, when his alter ego opened fire with a Caracal Navy Issue. Krase Stolkar didn’t do any damage, but he proceeded with Absolute Order protocol, declaring a backwards victory. There was a method to this madness. While Mr Cheng was laughing, Krase smuggled an entire Orca through Isanamo!

When Sargon noted that he has a killright, Krase wasn’t amused.

The following day, Krase decided it was time to write an essay.

Krase is a tycoon.

He isn’t upset about his Caracal.

In real life, Krase has a Haas Super Mini Mill.

That’s a BIG machine.

I hope to learn more about the renewed adventures of Governor Lee, and his merry band of Absolute plebs.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Kiddo, Part 2”

  1. That krase idiot wants us to believe he’s some kind of machinist, a noble profession that requires some education, when he doesn’t even know how to use simple contractions?

    If ‘you’re’ unable to properly use ‘your’ contractions, you just look like a blowhard idiot.

    He will be fun to awox. 😉


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