Sargon recently hunted down the Uedama cambot.

Afterward, Dolphin Don hunted down the new cambots.

It was amazing.

If Halaima is Mecca, Uedama is the Strait of Tiran.

All freighters must obtain a valid license.

James is dead, but I am not!

We will purify these heretics.

I’m the Executor of Jihadswarm.

Bee well.

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  1. Fw: Re: Demands – ‎James 315 Space

    […] Previously, on !MinerBumping… we learned about the camwhores of Uedama, and discovered that Princess Aiko is bad at micromanaging you (unlike James 315, a big strong leader). There was EPIC Danuja salt, when she learned people who don’t log in are unhappy with her inactivity, and this metastorm is anticipated to last indefinitely. […]

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