CONCORD reported a missing Mackinaw.

Krig Povelli was ready to help.

He tracked the Mackinaw from Eystur to Orkashu (via Gulfonodi).

This is how we have fun in EvE Online (check out that casual SEO).

Yes, I’m available for hire.

I’m a professional.

Exanon Alleile traveled across the galaxy, and back again!

Best of all, he got to meet his Saviourette, the tour guide of his heart.

I sent him on a fetch your Mackinaw quest.


His Mackinaw was in another system.

Nakugard is a great place to win a FREE Mackinaw.

Finally, the poor little guy reached his destination.

To be continued…

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  1. EhneaMehk

    Good to see SAFETY living up to the standards set by its predecessor CODE: fake permits never honoured, scammed players, and use of overwhelming odds to make up for a lack of true PvP skills.

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