Victory in Alsottobier

Oldtimers remember Wenzhou Satsuma.

T’was Wenzhou who battled Gankula.

Like most antigankers, Wenzhou thought he was winning

He pioneered the art of ECM whoring. However, Wenzhou had a dark secret. He didn’t antigank for justice. He antiganked for ore.

When newbros would try to get some, Wenzhou would murder them.

Earlier today, I discovered Wenzhou’s secret moon base, where he would take stolen ores, and reprocess them for sale on the black market of Dodixie. I found his haunted base, and I destroyed it. I erased his foul legacy.

With one stroke, Wenzhou lost everything. The sum total value of every single ganking vessel he ‘destroyed’ (pretending that he didn’t just merely whore on the CONCORD killmail) does not equal the cost of this compression array.

It is a small victory, because Wenzhou was just one of history’s many failtards. Nevertheless, there is a lesson, for those who seek to follow in his footsteps. You might think you are winning, but you are wrong.

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