Antiganking Losers

Antigankers are losers, in real-life.

Codename Razorback spent a year pretending to infiltrate CODE.

All this effort was for naught.

He didn’t even get an “I wasted a year infiltrating CODE.” t-shirt.

Codename is grrrr cringe salty. He spent IRL money on a stupid name.

What a loooooser!

Some people hlurf and blurf, whilst others get it done.

DKslopoke wanted revenge, and he knew antigankers were useless.

So he decided to do it himself.

He even made his own antigank corporation.

Business wasn’t so good, and DK needed isk.


Antigankers fail daily, always!

When will antigankers discover the TRUTH?

They are bad at EvE Online!

With enemies like this, we always win!

Haha, ok!

I’m a better antiganker than they are.

Hedliner and his Awox alt griefed newbro Hwark.

Now that’s how you antigank!

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