Still Clamping

I love helping Highsec miners.

I also help lowsec bears.

Kuben craved attention.

However, he had no time for poors.

Kuben wanted the boss b.

So he went to the source.

We were amazed.

Kuben is a real money man.

PLOT TWIST: Kuben is also a secret agent!

He’s watching me!

Kuben infiltrated deep inside.

I’m surrounded by traitors!

Kuben knows what I did.

The truth is out.

DOPPLE TWIST: I actually am a secret agent.

I will cut a b.

I done did it.

I have so many names.

You can’t stop any of me.

We are already closer than you realize.

It’s way too late.

In EvE Online, only one name matters.

That’s right!

Everybody knows it.

You love it.


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