The Best Revenge, Part 90

The Best Revenge, Part 1
The Best Revenge, Part 78

Previously, in James 315 Space… Lord Star Emperor avia naali, aka aiva naali, aka Astevon, aka Hazen Koraka, aka the Suppercomputer, was determined to secure his rank as grand doctrineer and Void Marshal of the Imperium. He also gave a speech on lag gunning tactics, enlightening the Swarm with his mighty theorycraft.

Princess Aiko was truly amazed. She had known of Pandemic Horde’s sneaky gimmick of DDOS Lag Induced DPS Application (DDOSLIDPSA), but never considered the possibility of blending a lag gunner with a strong power gun fit. Fortunately, having served as a spy within Pandemic Horde, avia was well versed in their strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, Princess Aiko continued to train the fleet dancers, incorporating her newfound understanding of lag gunning to create a TiDi ‘moonwalk’ effect.

With Aiko’s full attention, avia issued orders to the fleet.

avia once vowed to destroy Goonswarm within just four years, but was now prepared to crush both Pandemic Horde and TEST in just one week.

Inspired with foreknowledge of James 315’s impending fate, avia found himself contemplating the future, a galaxy without the guiding light of Halaima. Faster than a ‘lil bullet, Agent Anvil, aka 140, sped outward into the abyss. As he viewed the galaxy from afar, the stars began to blur together, indistinguishable and insignificant. From this perspective, he wondered if the war against Pandemic Horde even mattered. Although he had set out to exact revenge, he now found such petty human desires far beneath him.

Yes, avia was finally ascending. He realized now that he was far above the petty internecine squabbles of the null blocs, as he was himself a God, the God of Gods, standing tall above such lesser divinities as BoB and Doblauk the Goblok.

Master avia revealed unto Princess Aiko the ultimate supper power, by which an FC might harness the infinite army. He proclaimed himself to be queen of the rats, and proved his powers by casting a plague of Triglavians.

On a rehearsal break, Princess Aiko naturally wondered if she might herself become a rat queen. However, Master avia, aka Sun Tzu, warned that such powers were beyond a mere mortal, and feared Aiko might be consumed by lust.

Ah, and what of the double traitor Vily, who was even then plotting her betrayal of the Swarm. Could the dinosaurs defeat a rat queen?

To be continued…

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #218

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #217

Some people think the purpose of this blog, is to showcase the tearful cries of Highsec miners. More accurately, this blog exists to tell the truth, and the facts are clear. A lot of people love the CODE. Of course they do!

I haven’t finished discussing the battle of Nalvula, but when I clarified that we have powerful friends in lowsec, nullsec, and spooky j-space… well, I wasn’t bluffing. It’s true, we are the most powerful coalition in the galaxy. You might be a crusty crab, mocking gankers, but that umbrella you depend on – those are CODE. titans, friend. Oh, did we not arrive in time? So sorry, you died! Seriously, how come nobody will help, when those nasty cloaky campers are hunting you? Hm. I wonder why? Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. James isn’t actually dead. He’s on his main, and a lot of alts.

While he is away, James wants me to domesticate the miners.

Indeed, they are desperate to please their queen regent.

I’ll allow it. I’ll even buy your stuff for free.

Of course, some gobloks seem upset about something.

“Fuck you, bastard! You yourself are bot!”

“You stupid bastard fuck you”

Bears love to communicate…

…although they aren’t very smart.

They think I’m cute, and love the official New Order hairstyle.

I like the attention.

I like my friends even more.

I enjoy killing dolbauks.

They are gross.

Let’s kill them all!

“I FUCK YOUR KIND, YOUR JAMES 315 FUCK DEAD ASCKES, YOU FUCKING CUM DIRTY DRESSFUCKING, ABOMINATION YOU ALL SUCK DUCK TV PUBLIC TOILETS You are a fucking filthy son, you are such a huya in life, they don’t take you on the panel, so go suck in public toilets there you belong hey you are a fucking nasty whore I’m not Ukrainian let them fuck your mouth, but I fucked your family, and everything that is connected with you with gross filth, a cocksucking whore went to the cost of a creature FUCKING SLUT THAT FUCK AND WILL FUCK ALL DIRTY ANIMALS, GO AND SELL YOUR HOLES FURTHER, I’M NOT A URANIAN, YOU ARE A FUCKING HOLY LOST CREATURE AND IN THIS, I AM SURE

Yet, I’m the one who gets warned?

BONUS VIDEO: Imagine being an antiganker!

Stark Raving Mad, Part 7

Watch this AFK streamer get WRECKED!

Stark Raving Mad, Part 1

Listening to: The Plan

Previously, in James 315 Space Princess Aiko was once an ordinary gankerette, with perfect breeding, impeccable charm, and endless Khanid wealth. Of course, the Jamespocalypse was nigh, and Aiko intended to supersede Helicity Boson as the Imperium’s Divine Keepstress of Hulks. Could the siren of Orcageddon survive one last challenge from the rebellious Highsec mining caste?

Each day, like clockwork, Lilliana returned to Audaerne.

Lilliana knew the truth. Aiko is a shameless hussie, who slept her way straight to the top. James 315 was thus seduced by Aiko’s vision of a New Order, rejecting Caldari corporate heresies and embracing the pious mercy of Khanid. However, could Lilliana defeat Aiko and seize the High Throne of Halaima for herself?

Lilliana’s alt VictorStark Stark sacrificed an Orca, in a vain attempt to impress James. Would the future of the mighty CODE. alliance rest upon the AFK leadership of gobloks, non-undockers, and super cringy roleplay carebears? Each and every day, the miners of SICO listened intently as Lilliana made her case, denouncing Aiko and boldly proclaiming herself to be the one true Saviourette.

Lilliana and Victor lost everything they had, including their dignity, but perhaps they could convince Aiko to quit EVE (again)? Some of the SICO bears supported Lilliana, urging Aiko to give them a hasty blowjob before uninstalling.

Inspired by Lilliana, every miner fantasized about how they might run the mighty CODE. alliance, if only James would support their candidacy.

Some prophesied the coming of a carebear messiah.

Others saw themselves as the promised ganking CEO.

Lilliana saw herself as the future of CODE.

She intended to bully Aiko straight out of the game.

However, Aiko has a lot of friends.

Were Aiko’s friends strong enough to endure Lilliana’s abuse?

Aiko had never experienced such discipline.

Perhaps, the Princess was willing to negotiate a truce?

If not, Lilliana would continue until downtime…

Would Lilliana ever calm down?

Finally, it was time for a permanent nap.

Lilliana’s former main, VictorStark, had been reduced to a mere assetless alt. He briefly chimed in, as Lilliana logged off.

The other miners watched sadly, as VictorStark faded from history.


BONUS: Do you know what’s going on in Uedama? The Reddit plebs aren’t sure, but perhaps you can chime in and let them know what’s up.


Yeah, ayy, uh
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta blap
Yo, yo, yo, ayy

I do this cause I can (yeah)
I just took care of my fam (ayy)
Thought this was always the plan (yeah)

You don’t understand (ayy)
Karttoon just opened the can
No fufu that’s not on my brand (ayy)
Call me when you need a hand (yeah)

Always scrutinized
Must have mixed us with a different group
Spot the truth or lies, I mean business but I’m not in suit and ties
Just been prophesized (yeah, uh)
This fell right into place (yeah)

Liquor and women, two things I don’t chase (uh)
Don’t got a minute to waste (yeah)
Mask off, I’m showing my face (yeah)
They hate so much, it’s a disgrace (uh)
I put ’em back into place (yeah)

Hall of Fame, Aiko’s a shoe in
Ten years, this has been brewing (ayy)

Number one spot, I’m pursuing (ayy)
Exclusive like “Who done let you in?”
Money talks, I speak it fluent

Pack, flip that, making quick stacks
Taking a quick trap nap (yeah)
I go all night and shit, ain’t gotta hide this
This hit’s a freestyle, I ain’t even write this
Thought that was always the plan (ayy)

There’s only one way, there’s only one option
There’s only one route to get there, you know?
And this got more and more digits than a license plate
Them nine-ten figures don’t make themselves, yadadamean?
You gotta get it! This was always the plan




Mharaíonn an Tseachtain

Kills of the Previous Week

Oh boy, it finally happened. I’m late, I’m late, but there’s a Vindicator! It’s gotta die. *silent scream* Ok, it’s dead. Here are some béir, annihilated between October 18 @ 00:00 and October 25 @ 02:13. Ready to pull!


Martin Youngs is a mundane kill of the week, failing to be of interest, aside from the fact that he was an idiot with a jump freighter. Something sure is unusual about that killmail though. Is CODE. working with Goonswarm and Pandemic Horde? If so, that means that someone is a master diplomatess, and that is really bad news for Highsec miners! Great job AGBee 001, Jason Kusion, and Ninjajolic


Jason CHEN Cj made a strategic error when he adorned his Orca with Chinese runes. This indicates someone unwise with isk, and a New Order fleet immediately profiled Jason, as the kind of person who might use his Orca for illegal smuggling. Oh boy, did he try to run, desperately seeking to reach Planet 5. Eventually, he died at the customs office! Antigankers could have saved him, and they definitely tried, but they are also incompetent. Shout-outs to Alleil Pollard, Shouka, and Joel Kusion.


Pink torpedo tear was just an ordinary noob destroyer in Highsec, or was she? Previously, we saw how Votre Dieu has been dealing with a bot aspirant plot to transport illegal items, via a poorly fit Sunesis. GAY PRIDE BOOOOOM and Ulianov were intrigued by this, and shot the first Sunesis they saw. No surprises here!


BLACK SKAT777 died awhile ago, and I completely forgot, until I remembered. He was killed in Isanamo, and came back in an unfitted cargo expanded Retriever. He just sat there at the belt, not mining. Isn’t that strange? What does it mean?


Mercurius Sobrius made four crucial mistakes. 1) He joined SICO. 2) He filled his head with garbage 3) He undocked. 4) He went AFK. He also made some other mistakes. Fortunately, Aaaarrgg was willing to show Mercurius the error of his ways. I guess the EM-706 Evasive Maneuvering implant isn’t worth the price.



I’m a little busy, because it’s springtime in Uedama.

You might think it’s easy to gank, blog, spy, dictate, negotiate, logisticate, fetch James another beer, and find the time to look so great. However, in reality, it’s all a bit much. Someday, I will not write a blog post. Someday, I will not gank. Someday, I will sleep, but that day is not today. Understandably, miners are often overwhelmed, when they realize that someone else has more isk, more friends, more charm, and more DPS. What can they do about it? Frankly, all they can do is [expletive] die (again).

“Write in Russian, I won’t read your fucking English”


Jason Kusion, “That’s the gank I live for. Fucking tidi. Fucking Aiko, up there trolling on me. Haha. CONCORD was on grid. I thought faction police were gonna kill us all. It could have jumped but it just sat there. That was definitely one of my better performances.”
Holdmybeer, “Imagine that, flying a triple bulkheaded Ark. Nobody is gonna gank me. Oh wait, where the fuck am I?”
Tweeps, “What the fuck!?!”

Pay Your Rent, Part 2

Previously, in James 315 Space… Newgal pokoko bought PLEX, injectors, and a Marshal. She was ready to play, proudly undocking in Jita. A few seconds later, she found herself in the Why Was I Ganked? channel, wondering what happened.

Cargo Bandit offered to sell a mining permit for 20 billion isk, but pokoko was a tough negotiator, talking the price down to just 18 billion.

Cargo listened patiently, as pokoko explained her concerns.

However, Cargo was busy, and her red timer was about to end. It was a big decision, and (for some reason) pokoko wasn’t entirely sure the mining permit would be worth it, but Cargo made a compelling argument.

Just like that, it was done.

Perhaps, someday, we will hear more about pokoko’s adventures.

Meanwhile, the New Order just keeps winning. Like any good ganker, Cargo Bandit sent a billion isk to my Official Holy New Order Treasury.

P.S. Did you know there is a Korean ganker group that supports the New Order? I’ll give you a hint who – they killed pokoko! They have some kind of Korean website, where they discussed this incident. Here is what people in Korea had to say.

“This crazy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”
“That’s fucking funny hahahahaha”

“Isn’t this a violation of EULA?”
“It is content.”

“I was a dolbauk newbie, but the code protects me.”

“Wow hahahahahahaha”


Don’t be a dolbauk! Join the New Order today!

Of course, friend

I don’t actually have to be in house, or in system, but you better watch out. I might not even look like me, ya know? I could be anywhere, or anyone, anytime at all. Sometimes people call me James 315, and I don’t disagree. I honestly can’t tell the difference. We are both sexy, smart, and utterly invincible.

Aiko Danuja > hi
THUND3RST0RM > I know that our Corps aren’t exactly friends, but I was wondering something.. You know BLACKFLAG. right?
Aiko Danuja > of course

I totally can’t keep track of all the emails, Discord messages, EVEmails, voicemails, Tweets, Slacks, forum @s, and private convos. I used to be a secretary, and now I need one. Regardless, THUND3RST0RM seemed like a nice young man, although it was alarming to hear that he doesn’t view me as a friend. Apparently, he knows some of my very good friends, who fly the BLACKFLAG.

THUND3RST0RM > Well, they will be attacking a station of our in 10 hours. Is there any chance you, or a few pilots from your corp would want to help us defend?
Aiko Danuja > you must pay in advance
THUND3RST0RM > How much
Aiko Danuja > 500 million

I like to help.

THUND3RST0RM > Thanks, but I think we will fight on our own
Aiko Danuja > Very well.
THUND3RST0RM > good day

I figured that was it, and resumed ganking Ventures. However, as the hours ticked by, he decided to renegotiate with his not a friend.

It seemed like a good deal.

Of course, I accepted.

I wonder if James wrote the CODE just for me. By the way, grumpy bears like to OCD, and try to tell me there is a difference between the Code of Halaima and the CODE. alliance. These same crabs pretend there is some fundamental distinction between the New Order and the alliance itself. As your official Saviourette, I beg to differ. It’s all the same. One law, one people, one fleet. We stand united, always!

When the time came, I was hunting battleships, so I couldn’t be bothered to divert my fleet halfway across the galaxy. I assumed my !friend would understand, but I kindly offered to lead his fleet via private convo. I wouldn’t want them to be demoralized, so I didn’t inform him the cavalry was never coming.

As FC, I ordered a direct frontal assault.

It seemed like a good plan, right?

Unfortunately, my not a friend was losing faith in me.

This was his undoing.

Fortunately, Allie Vaille believes in me.

As for my antifriend, he thinks I’m going to a non-existent hell.


Apparently, he also likes me a bit.

He thinks I have a cute laugh…

…but his friends want to bash my knee caps.

They don’t approve of our special relationship.

However, I have actual friends.




Rudokop Forever, Part 11

Rudokop Forever, Part 1

Previously in James 315 Space… Rudokop Forever is a grumpy Soviet bear, and he put a curse on Adrian Vexier, praying to the Orthodox gods that Adrian would not only piss on himself, but would die of Wu flu whilst pissing. Meanwhile, someone else would also piss on Adrian, at the very moment of his passing, during which Adrian would (hopefully) be thinking of Rudokop. It was a horrific curse.

Each day, Adrian logged in to bump Rudokop, finding Rudokop ready and waiting to travel far away from ice and ore.

From time to time, Rudokop’s various alts attracted attention, and Adrian dutifully recycled their illegal farming tractors.

Everyone else was glad to see Adrian taking out the trash.

Rudokop’s alt, SIM Gallent, vowed to fill Arraron with garbage.

However, he suspected Adrian might enjoy shooting MTUs.

Instead, the Goofus decided to write a weird essay.

“This war is not peace. Dark mucus fills ether. Dead children do not touch the heart. Black Label all other religions! Sweet Life before the first siren, The first bombing, the real betrayal. Moment when suddenly showering wall And the cold will rush an arrow through his veins. Crosses cover live on the map. The path is only one – “The Road,” McCarthy said. 24 hours overnight fierce, When suddenly you will understand the essence of DOTS. And it will not matter what it was before the village, Suddenly unbearably want to believe. But the cry of hope will sink in the fire, No output in this thick veil. Higher forces are no longer heard. ONLY from living rats and mice, And just one mistake of nature, Burned from an overabundance of freedom, Favorites hatred instead of love, Which has taken in the guides of devil, The supreme creator think he is, Among plague fond of feasts, Restless, angry, empty, limits not knowing in search of paradise, Spitting into the sky and dissimilar, The face of humanity ugly face, Pathetic, brain nabikren, Vanity, greed, and sloth Godyna. Eternal night we ran out of day, If God exists, then we are his shadow. “

Subsequently, Rudokop summoned Faragon Tarinus.

Faragon Tarinus> Adrian Vexier I am not a beggar udevlyayus)))))))))) names CORP read moron went black band on your always even realeya))))))))
SIM Gallent>  This hole already down and out all the brains fucked
Faragon Tarinus> teach Russian language idiot I eolonizatorov spices ignoramus since english impurity))))

SIM Gallent> wait nedozhdus when obossut
Faragon Tarinus> weak, not the one who stole and who steals))))
Faragon Tarinus> so I always take to his proizvodstveneka Impe in the spoils of war this dirty th)))))
SIM Gallent> Yes, this two-faced scum know that I wrote when I vreki Salil says .. you hypocrite, you can not type steal and he wrecks my salish … I told him – not a sin to steal from a thief
Faragon Tarinus> Adrian Vexier here you Vasya)))))

Gallent congratulated himself for merely losing blingy drones, and was proud of his ‘ability’ to retain cheaper replacements.

SIM Gallent> This loser I have tried 10 times already my drones steal .. and only 1 in 10 get DEMON-loser) OH
Faragon Tarinus> LOL so that for me is not steep and the bottom of the zavisischeee materealnogo situation in real life and in the game))))

ALISA IVANOVA couldn’t handle any more, and she accused them of simultaneously crying whilst butchering the beautiful Russian language.

Faragon Tarinus> Victory: Tatara * is that you would understand that any military destroyed proizvodstvenika or miners lol there as they are always against the war uezvimy even peale, and not only in the games)))))
ALISA IVANOVA> Guys, good to whine like a girl. My daughter was crying less.
SIM Gallent> ALISA IVANOVA Go suck it maybe once you tell them so admired?
Faragon Tarinus> AUSA IVANOVA You are the deto itself if you do not understand the meaning of the conversation is not who does not ache just simply communicate))))
ALISA IVANOVA> SIM Galent ha … Do you even in Russian learn to write for a start))
Faragon Tarinus> Well uskolobye always pay attention to my error))) since they are not the meaning of words understand))))
ALSA IVANOVA> Faragon Tarinus a Papko you hike, the language scratching.
SIM Gallent> ALSA IVANOVA show my stupid mistake maromoyka !!!

Eventually, Rudokop realized he was going on a blog.

I think he might be a fan.

The Best Revenge, Part 89

The Best Revenge, Part 1
The Best Revenge, Part 78

Previously, in James 315 Space… High Starlord avia naali, aka Agent Anvil, sent PLEX to support Goonswarm’s war against Pandemic Horde. Meanwhile, he prepared a second front against double traitor Vily. Unfortunately, avia sent the funds to Dolphin Don, instead of Princess Aiko, and everyone was displeased. As Princess Aiko consolidated power, in anticipation of the impending death and divine ascendance of James 315, Slackbot decided this was a good time to remind avia about new protocols.

Aiko then quizzed avia about the law.

avia was in a strict quarantine, and by sending PLEX to Don, he potentially spread a Pandemic Horde virus to Don and his beloved dolphins. Even worse, when Don was forced to retransfer the PLEX to Aiko, it exposed the royal heiress!

Aiko stomped into her room and slammed the door, spending a rainy week in self-isolation, as avia pondered whether he might have infected the entire Goonswarm High Command. Of course, everybody would be fine.

The intergalactic pandemic has made it difficult to interact, and many fine individuals have unraveled completely under solitary confinement. Fortunately, avia is a Suppercomputer which prefers isolation, and his brain began to whir. Why not use the pandemic to Goonswarm’s advantage, with rigorous training regimens? In particular, avia recognized that asteroids form space terrain, and he envisioned titans dug in on the high ground, obliterating hapless Pandemic infantry. As practice, Goon supercaps were ordered to move back and forth through the belts, using rocks as cover.

Princess Aiko sulked in her chambers, nervously waiting for a feverish chill, whilst avia brushed up on hybrid theory and lag gunned rail gunner tactics. During the Second World War, German and Japanese aircraft would approach heavily armed Allied bombers by weaving in between tracer rounds, thereby approaching to an optimal firing range. avia knew this same ‘weaving rage’ doctrine could be applied in EVE Online, but it would be important to ensure Pandemic bots were not exploiting latency.

Meanwhile, with the recent discovery of, avia was delighted to receive instantaneous reports directly from the orbital battlespace, verifying that Goonswarm was still there. Everything was going well, and his only concern was that the enemy might try to throw a ‘haymaker’. Looking at you, Vily!

Fortunately, the Imperium is well funded, and we will win this war!

To be continued…



High Sec Miner Grab Bag #217

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #216

Highsec miners can be surprisingly eloquent. At first, I thought 94ndalf spoke a pig-Latin variant of Igbo. However, after correcting his spelling and punctuation, I realized he wrote a Romanian poem. Here is an English translation (I have tried to preserve the original tone), “to put my dick in mine! I will catch you and I will fuck you every time I have the opportunity! and I’ll hunt you … because I have what!”

Some miners are introverts, and just get straight to the point.

Other bears take their time, before working up to a big finish.

Antigankers are right. I like when gobloks express emotion.

They always seem to know how to brighten our day.

Even new gankers are having a great time.

It’s always good to hear from old friends.

They really enjoy my Why Was I Ganked? channel.

As the official Saviourette (yours and yours), I’ve made a lot of new friends.

I look forward to our future interactions.

It’s hard to believe that CCP included such vulgar NPC bots.

Regardless, I wish them all the best!

I’m sure they will find their way…

… and I know they love their Princess.