This is Dumb

Kalvaen is was(?) a Highsec miner.

I beat him in a videogame (twice).

I have no idea if Kalvaen subsequently committed suicide.

That’s pretty fucked up.

Don’t blame the gankers.

We are just playing the game.

I wish miners would act different.

They are so toxic.

Maybe they just need to calm down?

Mining is a privilege, not a right.

Don’t kill yourself over a little isk.

It’s literally just a game.

I have released an official statement.

One thought on “This is Dumb”

  1. On several occasions, I’ve personally witnessed Krig Povelli helping miners who were upset. He gave them clear instructions to calm down and even offered them a Mining Permit™. Miners who continue to be upset clearly weren’t following directions. All they need to do is calm down, as directed. After this miner calms down and stops pretending to off himself over losing an internet spaceship in a video game that is famous for people losing internet spaceships, I hope he chooses to buy a Mining Permit for himself and for his alt that cried wolf on the forums.

    If there is one thing on EVE that I hate, it is when people bring in real-life issues to try to get sympathy or special treatment in the game. Don’t even get me started on the ones who say “I’m a disabled combat veteran and you blew up my only means of enjoyment.” Not a single self-respecting (paste special person here. i.e. veteran, disabled person, neurodiverse person, etc.) will ever ask for special treatment. If you are using EVE to “blow off steam and relax” then you are playing the wrong game. Go try Sim City or Purble Place.

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