The Best Revenge, Part 100

The Best Revenge, Part 1
The Best Revenge, Part 78

Previously, on my blog… avia naali (aka THE GREAT LORD OF DELVE) directed the Goon armada against his cursed enemies.

I know what miners really want.

Some want erotic fantasy, and others want REVENGE.

Back in Part 10, avia sperged about his power, resulting in a 1 billion isk fine (increased to 5 billion). Behold now, never released before: the security breach notification which Aiko sent to her Goon liaison, Soviet commodore Vladimir Chakaidi.

High Starnovalord avia (aka anaCheeya ANARKY, aka ‘lil bullet, aka AGENT ANVIL) has come a long way since he first began plotting the best revenge. Today, he controls the mighty Imperium, with faction titans responding to his every whim.

Now he requested a formal meeting with senior staff. 

The meeting started out well enough.

avia (aka AstevonWard OverGreer) succinctly explained his plan.

He also wanted to meet the lead FC.

This didn’t go as well.

As always, Holostar was late to the meeting.

avia decided to conclude early.

He blamed himself for wasting the FC’s time.

The war was off to a rocky start.

avia began preparing for the worst.

Perhaps it was time to join battle himself?

To be continued…

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