The Best Revenge, Part 101

The Best Revenge, Part 1
The Best Revenge, Part 78

Previously, in Jamestown… avia naali (aka aiva naali) became the Grand Executor of the mighty Goonswarm Federation, and was determined to crush Pandemic Horde (because they made fun of him). However, the double trader Vily suddenly invaded Delve, and avia was forced to fight a war on two fronts.

avia stalled for time, ordering Brisc Rubal‘s Initiative alliance to die in Fort Fountain, so that elite Goonswarm diplos could find their way through the Byzantine wormhole maze and negotiate a treaty in the ruins of Fort Knocks.

avia prepared for an evacuation to Highsec, via the wormholes.

Meanwhile, he sent some advice to Brisc – don’t let the enemy win!

From time to time, Slackbot and Princess Aiko reported to their commander.

avia contemplated his strategic options.

Before long, a decision was made.

It was obviously necessary to appoint a duke/duchess for each keepstar!

Everyone in Goonswarm was ready to pod themselves.

The Imperial Navy hid in lowsec, pretending to be desprite.

It was all a trick!

avia was particularly keen to crush PanFam Joe.

Readers of MinerBumping will recall that Joe was a regular contributor to the boisterous comments, where he revealed himself to be avia’s arch-nemesis.

avia is much smarter than PanFam Joe.

The plan was working perfectly.

It was time to pay the hardworking war council.

Forward, to victory!

To be continued…

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