Nein, Not Mine

Badboy0047 was up to no good.

Pandemic Legion went on high alert!

It’s not griefing, when it happens in lowsec. Right?

At this point, the miner invaded Highsec.

Returning to lowsec, he encountered more criminal fagets.

Where were the antigankers???

Eventually, Janine introduced herself.

PLOT TWIST: Badboy is a famous Twitch streamer!

The miners were ashamed, defeated by a girl’s Kooperation.

They threatened to quit the game.

Badboy is just an innocent neuling!

Why is everyone robbing his playfun?

The Miners of Misneden, Part 5

The Miners of Misneden, Part 1

Previously, the miners of Misneden began to rebel.

They vowed to burn Princess Aiko alive.

The carebears had many grievances.

They denounced the sacred laws of Highsec.

Alt 00 knows how to deal with rebellion.

All miners must die.

However, gobloks tried to defend the sleepy whales.

They were doomed to eternal failure.

In EvE Online, some people are really stupid.

Alt was determined to teach them a lesson.

Misneden must burn.

To be continued…

A Brief History of CODE.

The once mighty CODE. alliance had terminal autism.

Literally, autism.

NOL Director Super Perforator was unwell.

Super declared war on Aiko!

He roleplayed “victory”.

Victorious gankers should stop ganking. Right?

Super Perfie had no time for gankers.

Perfie preferred antigankers.

However, a princess cannot abide antigankers…

So Super Perforator ban/muted all the gankers.

Perfie was seduced by antiganker “agent” Knowledgeminer

Fortunately, Aiko has powerful friends in Highsec.

Knowledgeminer was arrested!

However, Super Perforator continued to harbor antigankers.

Meanwhile, Perfie autistically denied the death of James 315.

Inevitably, The Conference Elite denounced New Order Logistics.

Everyone said NOL is trash.

So TCE decided to form a new alliance, without NOL.

Stay tuned for a brief history of the CODE. alliance.

To be continued…

Bee well.

Still Clamping

I love helping Highsec miners.

I also help lowsec bears.

Kuben craved attention.

However, he had no time for poors.

Kuben wanted the boss b.

So he went to the source.

We were amazed.

Kuben is a real money man.

PLOT TWIST: Kuben is also a secret agent!

He’s watching me!

Kuben infiltrated deep inside.

I’m surrounded by traitors!

Kuben knows what I did.

The truth is out.

DOPPLE TWIST: I actually am a secret agent.

I will cut a b.

I done did it.

I have so many names.

You can’t stop any of me.

We are already closer than you realize.

It’s way too late.

In EvE Online, only one name matters.

That’s right!

Everybody knows it.

You love it.


Ganker of the Year

I’m pleased to announce our annual Ganker of the Year contest has ended. This year’s Ganker of the Year is me, cool! The runner up is whomsoever killed the most Ventures during the contest. Congratulations to Aveve Olerie, who killed eighty, and has therefore been proclaimed the second fourth best Ganker of the Year!

Aveve won 4 billion isk! WoW!

UPDATE: As per the following, I have been correctly awarded the top three placings, which moves Aveve into fourth.

Here is a handy chart:

1st Place: Aiko
2nd Place: Aiko
3rd Place: Aiko
Other Places: IDC w/e